Subject To Change - Demo

by Myah Evans

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Lo-fi demos I recorded at an apartment in Bloomington, IN. during the spring of 2016.

I like to chill and relax while listening to music most times, depending on the vibe. I'd have to say that the best way to listen to these would be doing just that. I recommend headphones and relaxation for sure...maybe even a little contemplation and tears. Hopefully there's a smile by the end of it!

I left a few notes and all the lyrics within the individual song descriptions for ya as well!


released March 7, 2017

Written, recorded and produced by M.E.



all rights reserved


Myah Evans

Enjoy the music

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Track Name: Worth love
"If anyone knew how to fuck it up, it'd be me, meaning i'm the one with the key and you're lucky I haven't lost it. I put my things neatly away in the closet. Take a look only evidence of previous knowledge. I've had to fold, but now I choose to hang
and I speak for a top when I say, What is my worth?"

"If anyone knew how to zip it up it'd be me, meaning I'm the one with the teeth. I'll take a bite of what you're willing to feed."

"Well honey I am no cook I'm just a prep but i've read the books and I understand how."

"Well honey, you are no chef but I taste the love and then I'll see that look."

"See how I give, now won't you receive?"

"See how I take, now won't you believe? No! Won't you know..."

(I've had to fold but now I choose to I choose to hang)

"What's my worth?"
Track Name: Who are you?
"I seem to watch you fall
Over and over again
I like to hold you still
You seem to run restless
Could you tell me what for?
Could you tell me why?
Cause I know you'll be right back once the ice melt
You'll see that cup's half full and you won't regret
Takin' it down
Then you'll take in a deep breath
You could use a little more."

"Who are you?
To tell me what to do
I'll do what I want and I'll do it right now
I'll keep my mouth shut and my eyes on the prowl
Cause I hunt to kill and I do it quite well
And i don't give a damn if you couldn't tell 'who are you?'"

"Who are you? You don't seem yourself today."

"Why can't I see? It's all blurring."
Track Name: Thought-form (-)
"I don't know what's under your bed
But I can check
I don't know what's in your head
But I can guess
But it doesn't even matter when you're under the covers
Hidin' your eyes
You don't want to lie but you have to
I can show you things you've never seen
Only if you sleep cause I hid them in your dreams
Don't let yourself go lucid
Cause then you might lose it
Your body
But it doesn't even matter if it's more than matter that you're after
Running away, running away from the capture
I'm just mad that I wasn't apart of the rapture."
Track Name: What did you expect?
It doesn't matter cause it's more
It doesn't matter cause it's more than that
But it went with you the day you left
I picked up another title
A name to call my figure

After all these years I'm lost
Go figure, go figure.

Did you expect me to sing while my mother's cryin'?

You both surprised me with those rings
Did you expect me to sing while my mother's cryin'?

Now she expects me to have no jealousy
Now tell me how can that be
When you call him daddy?
Take it how you want, I feel the same
Left out of the game
Thank god, I didn't get enough play

Did you expect me?
Did you respect me?
Did you expect me?
Did you expect me to sing while my mother's cryin'?
Track Name: Belief
Sittin' talkin' will get us nowhere
I don't really know if you do care
I've seen manipulation in your stare

(In your stare)
I will believe so you'll let me leave in pieces

We gone be alright my light and I've embraced the dark
I saw you there
They were tearing you apart
Eating at your arms
Isn't love weird
It appears so on your table

I will believe just to let it all go
The opinions I held before I proposed that I kept so close

(Don't you see?)
We gone be alright
(We're gone)
(We go)
Track Name: I went missing.
I'll give in
I'll let go
Millionth time
I'll fall
But it's ok
We both know
I gave up
This time i'll let ya know
What am I supposed to do when you're not home
But you're right next to me when I decide to leave
We're just here to touch
When I come back you're still gone and I feel...
She won't listen...she won't.
So I went missin'.
She won't listen so I went missin'.
Track Name: Hope
Sound likes the sirens are cheering for me out in the streets
I know very well
I cannot tell
The difference between chance and what we chose
But I keep my hope in line
Track Name: Woodstock
It was a shock
The way you brought us all to one spot
It was unexpected when we had to let you go
What were we supposed to do?
We don't even know what happened to you and if we got the truth
Can we trust it?
Oh no!
Here I go with my anxiety
I push it aside
Cause your whole life blinds the ego in me
Cause I might just be right behind
I promise you I will not be wasting my time like I did at North Central High
I'll make sure to leave behind photographs representing my true self
Like you brother, my brother
It was like Woodstock
Less bodies
More memories
A little more hurt
Just as much heart
and soul
(I didn't die)
Carry on
I will see you again my friend
my family
Carry on
my friend and family
("He never quit doing what he wanted to do")
Track Name: Joyous Uncertainty the very end.

"...Oh! So now you're in on it? Right on."

"Wait are you bouncin'?"